lost dogs of king county

Welcome to Lost Dogs of King County

Lost Dogs of King County works in conjunction with the Lost Dogs of King County WA (LDKC-FB) Facebook group. The Facebook group was created by James Branson in June of 2016 and is the largest and most successful lost pet page in the King County area. Each month, LDKC-FB helps to reunite over 300 dogs with their families. While we are pleased to help get so many lost dogs home, it would be best if less dogs went missing.

Our intention is that the Lost Dogs of King County website will reach dog owners and people who find lost dogs, including those who are not on Facebook, to help reunite more dogs and to provide additional resources for both a lost dog search and for lost dog prevention.

As with the Facebook group, we encourage members of the community to become educated with the resources found here and to share with family, friends, and neighbors. Hopefully, with more people knowing the most successful techniques for finding lost dogs, lost dog prevention, and helping to reunite lost dogs in the area, we can help reduce the number of dogs at risk and to reunite more dogs that do go missing.