you can help lost dogs

How You Can Help

The Lost Dogs of King County website and the Lost Dogs of King County WA Facebook page are managed by local volunteers, and countless members of the community help to get dogs safely back home. Both dog owners and finders regularly need assistance in a variety of ways.

You can help by:

SEARCHING: If a dog is missing in your area, please consider driving or walking around to search for the dog and to be prepared to use Calming Signals if the dog is seen.

NETWORKING: Sharing information and listing from this site or the LDKC Facebook page would be helpful for lost dogs and their owners.

MAKING SIGNS: Signs are the best way to get sightings or to let the finder know who to call. Frantic and busy owners of lost dogs can usually use some help with getting appropriate signs up asap.

SUPPLIES: Some owners don’t have the time or resources to purchase the necessary supplies for signs. Supplies can be purchased for a specific owner or can be donated to LDKC to be on-hand when needed.

If donating to LDKC, please contact us at to discuss details. 
*Please note, Lost Dogs of King County is made up of volunteers but is not registered as a 501c3.