Pleas ehelp us find our lost dog, Fan!!! - continued

 Lost Dog /

We try to track her. Thanks to all who provide information.
On 27/08/2020 7:05pm. Fan was around area A which locate in NE 140th Ct
On 28/08/2020 6:36pm. Fan was around area B which locate near NE 140th Way. We cannot imagine how she across the bear creek.
On 28/08/2020 7:00pm. Fan was around area C which locate near 218th Ave NE. nearby the Welcome Lake.
On 28/08/2020 8:35pm. Fan was around area D which locate near NE 133rd St and 202nd Ave NE.

As far as we know, she was not injured or attacked, except that her stomach was full of mud and dirty, but the upper body was still clean. Meanwhile, since she had been lost for more than a day and she was outside for a long time, she——who was very close to human——became very scared of people. Therefore, today many kind friends tried to catch her when they found her, but she ran away immediately, which make things really hard to catch her. We really appreciate if anyone could share some of your experiences below,
1. If you guys ever see her and want to inform us, how to keep her in the same place while waiting for us to pick her up;(we come up with an idea that we upload our recordings of calling her name so that you guys can play that sound right after you see her, which will let her calm down and not run away.)
2. Usually what kind of places the lost dog will choose to sleep late in the night. (if there is no way to find her when she is awake, we can only find her when she fall asleep)

We hope and firmly believe that she will return to us safely, and we will not give up looking for her. Fan, we are waiting for you to come back home.

  • Listing ID: 1446
  • Date Found/Last Seen: Aug 27 2020
  • Breed: bichon Frise
  • Prominent Color: White
  • Nearest Cross Streets: 209th Aev NE, Woodinville 98077
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13849 209th Ave NE Woodinville, 98077Woodinville,King County,98077 Show phone number

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