Pet Retention or Rehoming

Support for Pet Retention

If you are facing the difficult decision of rehoming your dog because of financial hardship, housing (or lack of) and related life issues, or behavior challenges with your dog, there are resources which may help keep your family together.

Seattle Humane Pet Owner Assistance Fund helps families struggling with high or unexpected costs challenging their ability to keep their pets healthy and safe at home. 

Seattle Humane Urgent Veterinary Care and Wellness Clinic for Low Income offers support for urgent issues and wellness care, vaccinations and microchipping services.

Affordable Spay and Neuter Clinics (by zip code) is a nationwide referral network for affordable spay and neuter services.

Doney Coe Pet Clinic offers no-cost veterinary and wellness care to the companion animals of qualifying low-income and homeless families.

Veterinary Care Financial Pet Assistance Programs in Washington state.


Dog Friendly Apartments Directory provided by Seattle Dog Spot (2015)

Pet-Friendly Apartment Search through

Seattle Humane Pet Rent and Pet Deposit Fee Assistance for those currently facing barriers in accessing housing due to pet deposit fee or pet rent.


Assistance for Dogs of Military Service Members provides an online network for service members to search for volunteers who are willing to board their pets during their owner’s service commitments.


Washington Domestic Violence Shelters Allowing Dogs

Pet Friendly Housing for Those Escaping Domestic Violence

AVHS-RASKC-DAWN Partnership to foster pets of domestic violence victims that enter DAWN’s programs and help promote responsible pet ownership.

Seattle Humane’s SPOT (Supporting Pet Owners in Transition) Program uses Seattle Humane’s existing foster network to house pets for owners who need temporary care due to housing insecurity, hospitalization or other personal crisis.


Seattle Veterinary Outreach provides mobile veterinary care.

Doney Coe Pet Clinic provides veterinary care, pet food, and pet supplies.

Seattle Dogs Homeless Program assists with pet food and supplies, emergency vet care, spay and neuter, and boarding.

The Goochy Project coordinates short term foster placement for animals whose parents need to be temporarily separated.

The Rainier Animal Fund provides wellness exams, medical care, and some surgical services during their in-service clinic days.

Pets of the Homeless provides an online resource to help people locate services for pet food, homeless shelters, free clinics, emergency vet care, and other resources.

Seattle Humane’s SPOT (Supporting Pet Owners in Transition) program uses Seattle Humane’s existing foster network to house pets for owners who need temporary care due to housing insecurity, hospitalization or other personal crisis.

Information to help address common dog behaviors and habits can be found at:

ASPCA Dog Behavior

Homeward Pet Dog Behavior

If You Must Surrender

If you feel you have exhausted all resources and need to find a new home for your dog, please consider a reputable shelter or rescue. For your dog’s safety and wellbeing, it is strongly advised to surrender to a shelter or rescue (versus rehoming directly to an individual or through a home to home program) if they are not spayed/neutered.

Unlike other areas across the country, our local shelters do not euthanize because of breed or overcrowding and ensure that every dog is spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped prior to adoption.

Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC)

Seattle Animal Shelter


Homeward Pet

Auburn Valley Humane Society

Seattle Humane Society

Saving Great Animals

Old Dog Haven

Home to Home is an interactive direct-to-adopter platform created to help families, people, and pets with the difficult task of transitioning pets from one home to another.

Seattle Humane Society

Homeward Pet

Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC)

Auburn Valley Humane Society